Corporate Profile

TigerLogic's mission is to help companies improve engagement by unlocking the power of data.

TigerLogic Corporation (Nasdaq: TIGR) is a global provider in engagement solutions including Omnis, a mobile development platform, and Postano, a social media aggregation and display platform. TigerLogic has locations in Portland, U.K., Germany, and France.

Our Solutions

A competitive advantage in business is the ability to transform data into information and information into actionable knowledge. TigerLogic's end-to-end solutions make it easy and cost-effective to launch initiatives that drive engagement. With platforms and services built on proven technologies, TigerLogic helps control data and transform it into business intelligence.

Omnis makes it easy for enterprises to design and deploy tailored apps for the specific needs of the company. TigerLogic's Omnis offerings combine the best of business-oriented data management technology with object-oriented rapid application development tools.