Corporate Profile

TigerLogic’s mission is to help companies improve engagement by unlocking the power of data.

TigerLogic (Nasdaq: TIGR) employs more than 100 people in four countries and offers its customers global access to its software, professional services and 24x7 technical support services.

Industry Applications

Competitive advantage in business relies on the ability to transform data into information and information into knowledge. TigerLogic’s end-to-end solutions make it easy and cost-effective to launch initiatives that drive engagement. Our products and services provide the platform on which over 4,000 business applications rely. Built on proven technologies, TigerLogic helps control data and transform it into business intelligence and engagement. Businesses built on TigerLogic products generate estimated worldwide sales in excess of $3 billion annually.

Customer Base

TigerLogic’s customers are leading businesses in a variety of industries – from financial services and retail, to fashion, sports, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, media, educational institutions and other markets. The company’s installed customer base includes more than 500,000 active users representing more than 20,000 customer sites and apps worldwide, who rely on TigerLogic’s offerings for multidimensional database management, rapid application development, search enhancement, social visualization, as well as content aggregation and syndication.

TigerLogic Corporation has been helping companies make better use of their data for more than three decades. TigerLogic, formerly Raining Data Corporation, was created in December 2000 by merging Pick Systems and Omnis Technology Corporation.

Product Offerings:

Built for efficiency, high-performance and enterprise scalability, our products are ideal for managing large quantities of heterogeneous data generated by today’s most advanced business applications.

TigerLogic’s Postano platform helps leading brands create highly engaging social visualizations leveraging the top social networks in use today. The unique way Postano brings together posts from a variety of social networks creates a highly effective way to monitor success and optimize brand and fan engagement.

TigerLogic’s Omnis Studio products make it easy for enterprises to design and deploy tailored apps for the specific needs of the company. An integrated system, TigerLogic’s Omnis Studio offerings combine the best of business-oriented data management technology with object-oriented rapid application generation tools.