Trademark Use Guidelines for yolink

TigerLogic’s yolink API lets you bring the yolink experience to your webpage, application, or device. You do not need preapproval to use TigerLogic’s yolink API or to promote the API functionality on your webpage, application, or device using either the yolink name or the yolink logo shown below. However, your use of the yolink name and logo is governed by both the yolink API Terms of Service and these Trademark Use Guidelines, and if your use violates either the yolink API Terms of Service or these Trademark Use Guidelines, you will need to modify or cease your use of the yolink API and/or the yolink name and mark at our request.

This page explains the rules and restrictions for using the yolink name and logo. yolink API users are not allowed to use any other yolink logos aside from the yolink logo presented below, which you can download.

This is our main logo. Whenever possible, please use this one.

enhanced by yolink
enhanced by yolink
enhanced by yolink
enhanced by yolink
enhanced by yolink
enhanced by yolink
enhanced by yolink

This logo is designed for use with dark backgrounds.

enhanced by yolink
enhanced by yolink
enhanced by yolink
enhanced by yolink

This logo is designed for use on pages with backgrounds that will cause the word 'link' to blend in with the background.

enhanced by yolink

When integrating TigerLogic’s yolink API into your webpage, application, or device, you should feature the yolink name and/or logo on any page or screen where TigerLogic’s yolink API has a presence. The yolink name and/or logo should appear next to the location where the API implemenation appears on the page/screen. In addition, all uses of the yolink logo must be clickable and link back to any webpage on

You must use the provided logo at the current size of 93 pixels by 12 pixels. If you want to make a change to the size, please contact Thomas Lim, CFO, at

Your use of TigerLogic’s yolink name and logo must otherwise be in accordance with the following guidelines:

1. Use the proper trademark notice with the first and most prominent appearance in any material.

The symbol ® must be applied to the end of the yolink name with the first use and most prominent appearance of the yolink name on any page/screen.

2. Include accompanying text.

The following text must be included in each document that uses the yolink name or logo:

"yolink is a registered trademark of TigerLogic Corporation."

3. Use the yolink name and logo accurately.

You may use TigerLogic’s yolink name and logo to indicate accurately your use of TigerLogic's yolink API and your products' or services' compatibility with same. You may not use the yolink name or logo for any other purpose. Do not use the yolink name or logo to identify products, services and/or technology unrelated to TigerLogic's yolink API. Do not use the yolink name or logo so as to imply that TigerLogic endorses, or is connected with, your company. Do not incorporate the yolink name or logo into any other trademark, service mark, company name, or trade names. You must separate the yolink name and logo from any other trademark(s) with wording sufficient to distinguish it clearly. Use it only as an indication of compatibility, distinct from your or any one else’ product or company name.

4. Always use the yolink name properly in text.

To preserve the distinctiveness and purpose of Tigerlogic’s yolink name, please follow these rules when using the yolink name in text:

- Always use yolink as an adjective, not a noun.
- Never hyphenate yolink.
- Never pluralize yolink.
- Never render yolink possessive by use of an apostrophe.
- Never combine yolink with any other designation.



XYZ Company now offers yolink®
SureFire is yolink-compatible.


XYZ Company now offers the yolink® API
SureFire is compatible with the yolink® API

5. Requirements

  • TigerLogic yolink API users may only use the logo shown above.
  • You may not change the color of the yolink logo. You may, however, choose the background on which the logo appears.
  • Ensure that there is sufficient contrast between the logo and the background color for the logo to be clearly visible.
  • Do not change the logo in any way. Do not remove, obstruct, distort, or alter any element of the yolink name or logo.
  • Make sure the yolink logo is fully and clearly visible. It should never be altered or partially covered.
  • Do not display the yolink logo as the most prominent element on your web page/screen.
  • Do not use the yolink name and/or logo in ways that (1) imply an association with or endorsement of any other product, service, event, sponsorship, or organization; (2) can be reasonably interpreted to suggest that editorial content was authored by TigerLogic; or (3) suggest that you are representing the views or opinions of TigerLogic or TigerLogic personnel without prior written permission from TigerLogic. All of the aforementioned usages must be approved via written permission.
  • Do not adopt names, marks, logos, slogans, or designs that are confusingly similar to TigerLogic’s yolink name or logo or that imitate TigerLogic’s yolink trade dress, including the look and feel of TigerLogic’s yolink web design properties, distinctive color combination, typography, graphic designs, product icons, or imagery associated with TigerLogic and/or its yolink name and logo.
  • Do not register any domain name that includes yolink or that otherwise incorporates TigerLogic’s yolink name into your own names for products, services, features or companies. Similarly, do not incorporate TigerLogic’s yolink name or logo into your own name, trademarks, or logos.
  • Never display TigerLogic’s yolink name or logo in a manner that is misleading, unfair, defamatory, infringing, libelous, disparaging, obscene or otherwise objectionable toTigerLogic.
  • Never display TigerLogic’s yolink name or logo on any web site or user interface that contains or displays adult content, promotes gambling, promotes violence, contains hate speech, involves the sale of tobacco or alcohol to persons under twenty-one years of age, violates other applicable laws or regulations or is otherwise objectionable.

When creating a feature or product utilizing TigerLogic’s yolink API, the name of the feature or product cannot use “yolink” in the name of the software or feature. If for marketing or other strategic reasons it would valuable to reference TigerLogic’s yolink name or logo, it may be permissible to use the phrase "for yolink" with TigerLogic’s permission. You may not otherwise state or imply any affiliation with TigerLogic and/or Tigerlogic’s yolink name, logo, and/or products.

6. Please e-mail or telephone TigerLogic Corporation with any questions about these guidelines.

TigerLogic is happy to assist you with matters addressed by these guidelines or any questions about the yolink name and logo. Should you have any questions not answered by these guidelines, feel free to contact Thomas Lim, CFO at