Investor FAQs

Q: How does the name change affect stock certificates that bear the Raining Data Corporation name?
A: The change in corporate name will not affect the validity or transferability of any existing stock certificates that bear the Raining Data Corporation name. Stockholders with Raining Data Corporation certificates should continue to hold them. No action is required.
Q: Where is TigerLogic Corporation traded and what is the ticker symbol?
A: TigerLogic Corporation is traded on Nasdaq under the symbol TIGR.
Q: Does TigerLogic have a direct stock purchase plan?
A: No, TigerLogic does not have a direct stock purchase program.
Q: Does TigerLogic issue dividends? And, does TigerLogic have a DRIP plan?
A: No, TigerLogic currently does not issue dividends and does not have a dividend reinvestment program (DRIP) plan.
Q: How do I purchase TigerLogic common stock?
A: To purchase TigerLogic common stock, please contact a registered broker.
Q: Whom do I contact for lost stock certificates or change of address?  (Who is TigerLogic’s transfer agent?)
A: Registrar and Transfer Company
10 Commerce Drive
Crawford, NJ 07016
Toll Free: (800) 368-5948
Direct Access: (908) 497-2300
Q: How can I obtain TigerLogic documents filed with the SEC?
A: You can access our recent SEC filings through our SEC Filings web page or through the web site.
Q: How do I contact the investor relations department if I have other questions?
A: Please submit your question(s) and contact information on our investor relations contact web page