Omnis Developer Partner Program

Your guarantee of superior Omnis products and services...

If you intend to use Omnis Studio over the long term as your main application development tool, the most beneficial and cost effective developer support option for you is the Omnis Developer Partner Program (ODPP).

The ODPP is available for single developers, as well as teams of multiple developers, and provides significant benefits and cost savings when compared to purchasing the Omnis Studio package outside of the program.


Omnis Studio plus support in one easy package...

Developer and Support Programs for Omnis are available from various parts of the world. You must purchase a developer program to receive Omnis technical support directly from TigerLogic.

All programs provide one-to-one contact with technical staff via email or phone in your region. In addition, specific Developer Programmes provide discounts on training and runtime software, plus many additional benefits.

Each program level provides exactly the same benefits and quality of technical support for every named developer in the program, however the more developers you have in the program, the greater the discount you receive on additional products and services.

To find out what Developer and Support programmes are available to you, please select your country:

  North America Rest of the world Australia Italy Greece & Cyprus Germany UK France Spain & Portugal